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Irish Thomas Cup Team 1970

Irish Thomas Cup Team 1970

Standing, left to right A. R Reddick, C. Bell, M. Morrow
Seated K. Carlisle, W. L. Robinson (non-playing captain), S. Blair

This must have been the most contentious Irish team ever selected.

In 1969/70 the “Troubles” in Northern Ireland were at their height. Players and officials from the south had experienced several threatening episodes in visiting the north and were no longer prepared to travel. Four of the five selectors came from Ulster. Trials were held in the north despite the fact that adequate compet-itive results were available to select a team. Southern players who declined to travel north for the trials were excluded from selection and the Thomas Cup team to play Holland and Sweden consisted of 6 players and 2 subs, all from Ulster. Both matches were played in Ballymena as the matches could not be played in the McCallum Hall, Belfast, because of the civil unrest. In the Irish Close Championships held in Dublin no northern player reached the semi-finals of the men’s singles.

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