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The Historical item displays a 1931 letter to the Secretary of Mountmellick Badminton Club from the Secretary of the Midland West League. We do not have a record as to when this league ceased to function. It is likely that World War 2 was to blame but the clubs are now catered for by South West Leinster League which was formed in 1947 and continues to thrive. We are grateful to Mr. Eric Earle for donating this letter in addition much other material relating to Mountmellick Badminton Club.

The Gallery item is a press photograph of the Midland Branch team that played the Northern Branch in a Junior Interprovincial Match in 1952. It is interesting to note that the match was played in the Garda Depot in the Phoenix Park. This was the venue of many important matches before the Midland Branch opened its new Hall in Whitehall Road in 1954. Colin Maidment was President of the Branch at the time gave considerable assistance in the New Hall Project. Sadly he died a fairly short time after the Hall was opened. Also his interest in maintaining badminton records has been of huge benefit to the Badminton Museum.

Whilst we are developing the range of material in the Museum we are keen to get more material from clubs and Branches who represent a major part of the heritage of Irish Badminton

Dick O’Rafferty


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