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The Historical Item displays a Press report from 1941/42 on the Annual General Meeting of the Limerick County Badminton Association. This is interesting on a number of accounts. It is good to see the press reporting so fully on such an event. – such a report is seldom seen in print these days. It shows that 11 clubs were affiliated to the Association. BI website shows 11 clubs currently with only L.P.Y.M.A. the only club still operative. Bearing in mind that this was during the war it appears to be functioning admirably. Shortages of shuttles seriously impacted on the efforts to run leagues and tournaments.

The Gallery Item shows the site of the first ever Badminton International match which was played between Ireland and England in 1903 just four years after the formation of the Irish Badminton Union. This image has some significance in this the 120th. Anniversary of the Governing Body.

We are very keen to get information on the location of clubs in the early years of the official game in Ireland. Any details on these lines will be gratefully received

Dick O’Rafferty


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