Welcome to the April 2019 Issue.

The Historical Item displays a Press report from 1938 in relation to the formation of the Western. This was important for Badminton in Connacht as it confirmed the progress of the game in that area. At that time, it is interesting that Kilkenny and Wexford were in the Southern Branch. In the 1970s it was decided that the Branches should follow the political lines with the Branches now known as Ulster Branch, Minster Branch, Leinster Branch and Connacht Branch.

The Gallery Item displays a photograph of the Midland Branch Team that played Western Branch in Rosses Point in 1958. Press reports and photographs very often gave the pollical names of the team rather than the official names.

I have been asked to contribute an article in an upcoming publication entitled The Atlas of Irish Sport. I would be keen to get details of the start date for clubs all over the country. Please make contact through the website with any details of badminton, particularly in the early years of the organised game in Ireland.

Dick O’Rafferty


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