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The Historical Item highlights the selection of Chick Doyle on the Irish Team for the first time. Chick went on to win 35 caps, winning his last one in 1964. He was always heavily involved in Leinster Branch matters and served as President of the Branch for three years in the1970s He also served on many committees including the Branch Executive Committee. The report on the match shows that he had a successful debut, winning his Singles match against Scotland.

The Gallery Item displays an image of the Irish Team that played Scotland in 1932. Frank Peard’s comments give some interesting information about some of the players involved. The team had three members of the Hamilton family. This probably has not been equalled until the arrival on the International scene of the Magee family.

The amount of material donated to the Museum is increasing regularly and this is very much appreciated. We note a number of interesting item on Meath Badminton Reunion Facebook page and we are pleased that they have allowed us to download them to our records

Dick O’Rafferty


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