Welcome to the first issue of 2019. This year is the 120th. Anniversary of the formation of the Irish Badminton Union. We are repeating an extract from “Badminton” by Massey to show the background to its formation.

Chapter XV
The Game in Ireland
By C.P.R.James

Badminton has now been played for a number of years in Ireland, and as far as can be ascertained the Limavady Club, founded in 1892 was the first established in this country. Both the Derry and Coleraine Clubs quickly followed its lead while in Wicklow a fairly strong club was started about 1896. The Dundrum Club, started in 1898 owed its inception to a lady and gentleman who had seen the game played in Wicklow. Shortly after, Sandford and Dalkey Clubs came into existence.

The origin of the Irish Badminton Union was due to a difference of opinion between the Wicklow and Dundrum Clubs as to which games a match should consist of. When the matter came before the Committee of the Dundrum Club it was felt by them that some central body should be formed to legislate on such matters and, as Hon. Sec. of that club I was requested to convene a meeting of clubs. Accordingly, on November 25, 1899, at 4 Foster Place Dublin the inaugural meeting was held.

Lieutenant-Colonel Galston (Dalkey) occupied the chair, and two delegates from the Dalkey, Dundrum, Sandford and Wicklow attended. It was resolved there and then to form the Irish Badminton Union and draft rules submitted were adopted. Colonel Galston was appointed Hon.Sec. Captain Newton (Wicklow) Hon. Treasurer

We are going back prior to this time in the Historical Section. We are displaying a report on Wicklow Badminton Club from 1897.Because of the heritage of Wicklow Badminton Club in the context of Irish Badminton we will carry out some research during the year on this Club

The Gallery Item displays a photograph of the Irish team that played England in 1956 and include the match scores.

We will continue our work on preserving the heritage of Irish Badminton and will welcome receipt of information and memorabilia in relation to the game here.

Dick O’Rafferty


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