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The Gallery Item displays a photograph of the Dalkey Team from 1933-34 season. Dalkey Badminton Club was founded in 1897, two years before the formation of the Irish Badminton Union. The Museum is fortunate that it has historical information on the club through the initiative of Colin Maidment a former Honorary Secretary of Midland (now Leinster) Branch. I suspect that the Miss M. Conway is in fact Norah Conway who won many National titles and was capped for Ireland on eight occasions. She would certainly have played on the Irish team more often were it not for the intervention of World War 2. An interesting social comment is that the profession of Dr. Brookes is highlighted as opposed to the other team members

Last monthís historical Item was an article by Frank Peard on standards of play and the difficulty of comparing players from different generations. This month we display an article by Sir. George Thomas in which he takes some issue with Frank Peardís comments. Whilst agreeing with the main thrust of the earlier article he concentrates more on player longevity. His examples of mature winners do not really negate Peardís point on the issue. There will always be some exceptions to the rule.

As usual we welcome comments from the Badminton Community and will always be glad to receive items of historical interest around all aspects of Badminton in Ireland.

Dick OíRafferty


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