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The Historical Item displays a report from The Wicklow News-Letter of February 11th.1899 and we are grateful to David Evans for making this available to the Museum. The make up of the match is very interesting with matches of Mixed Threes. But it is even more interesting when taken in conjunction with the extract below from the book “Badminton” by Massey. It clearly shows the importance of the match in relation to the formation of the Irish Badminton Union.

The origin of the Irish Badminton Union was due to a difference of opinion between the Wicklow and Dundrum Clubs as to which games a match should consist of. When the matter came before the Committee of the Dundrum Club it was felt by them that some central body should be formed to legislate on such matters and, as Hon. Sec. of that club I was requested to convene a meeting of clubs. Accordingly, on November 25, 1899, at 4 Foster Place Dublin the inaugural meeting was held.

The Gallery Item displays a photograph of the Irish Team from 1912. It is interesting to note the family developments presumably brought about through Badminton. Many of the players made a significant impact on the development of Irish Badminton at its early stages.

It is our wish that the Museum would be open to the public on a reasonably regular basis and we hope to have more information on this very shortly.

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