Welcome to the first uploads for 2018

The Historical displays a section of the Timeline relating to Pembroke Badminton. This is very much a work in progress as information will be extracted from Press cuttings, photographs, handbooks and other records. We are keen to receive information on clubs that will give a picture of their place in the heritage of the game.

The Gallery Item shows a photograph of the Irish Under 21 team from 1955. It is interesting that many parts of the country were represented on this team. Mary O’Sullivan, Yvonne Kelly, and Bobby Harris came from Dublin. Pat Barry came from Cork, Jim Webster came from Dundalk and Des Henry came from Ulster.

The Museum will definitely be open to the public at various times in the new year most likely when events are taking place in Baldoyle. These dates will be notified on the website and at Baldoyle.

Dick O’Rafferty


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