The purpose of the Badminton Museum of Ireland is to preserve the great heritage of Irish Badminton and to make the general badminton public aware of it.

Welcome to the May 2017 Issue

The Gallery Item displays an image of the Leinster Senior Interprovincial Team of 1936. There a number of noteworthy aspects to this team. The Hamilton and Good family have a very strong connection with Leinster and Irish Teams. Geoff Trapnell was Honorary Secretary of Badminton union of Ireland for many years and was the Union’s President in 1976 the year the European Championships were held in Dublin. For many years, he was also a Trustee of the Leinster Branch. Colin Maidment also served as Secretary of the Badminton Union of Ireland and was President of the Midland (now Leinster) Branch when the Hall at Whitehall Road was opened in 1954. Sadly, he died at a comparatively young age in the following year. Mrs. Billy Kelly was the mother of Yvonne Kelly who represented Ireland on very many occasions.

The Historical Item displays a newspaper article from 1945 reporting on the decline of the game in Ireland from its strong position in the period between 1925 and the outbreak of World War 2. It indicates the extent to which the game suffered in Northern Ireland. This was one of a series of articles written at this time and are held by the Museum. They were written by Frank Peard under the Nom de plume of "Racketeer"

We have been preparing items for display and framing is currently taking place. When a number of smaller matters are sorted out we feel that details of an opening can be made shortly.

Dick O’Rafferty


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