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Welcome to the May 2015 edition.

In the Gallery Item is displayed the front page of the Programme of the 1976 English Schools inter-county competition played annually in Nottingham. Leinster has competed in this competition since 1975 and in view of this, past players will be having a celebratory function in Terenure Centre. For Leinster players of the relevant age group it was always regarded as a highlight of their season.. Three surviving members of the Youth Activities Committee who initiated the relationship, Sue Peard, Hazel Turpin and Margaret Towers are expected to attend.

The Historical Item displays a very fine article on Mary Bryan, one of Ireland’s best ever players. This gives a very clear indication of her many successes both at home and abroad. Her All-England record alone gives an indication of the standard of her play. Although she at achieved a huge amount at the time the article was written her involvement in the game continued. Amongst other items she won two more Irish Close Singles titles, two more Ladies Doubles titles with Yvonne Kelly and an Irish Open Ladies Singles and Mixed Doubles titles. I addition she qualified as a Coach in 1973 achieved the highest qualification in subsequent years. She has acted as Coach to the Irish Under 18 team and to the Irish Senior team

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