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The Historical Item in this issue displays a glowing Press report on the performance of the Irish team in their 1932 match against Scotland. Whilst the departure of Devlin and Mack from the International scene is regretted it seems that their mantle was taken over by the Hamilton brothers and sister. The reporter's forecast of International honours for Norma Stoker came true the following year and she went on to win 13 caps up to 1938. It is interesting to note the improvement in standard by Boyle and Rankin and indeed they went on to win the Mens Doubles at the All-England Championships in 1939 with a feeling that the outbreak of war prevented further honours at this level.

The comments on the other players on the team showed mixed forecasts. This was E.D.Hill's only appearance on the Irish team and it would seem that it may have been the last appearance by O.L.Goldsmith. On the other hand Miss Teuton went on to play 18 times for Ireland up to 1949 under her married name Mrs. J.A.F.Swann. Olive Poole also went on to win 16 caps in total and was highly regarded as a mixed doubles player. Reference is made to Englishwoman Mrs. R.C. Tragett. It is noted that she earlier played one match for Ireland under her maiden name Larminie.

In relation to the upcoming match against England on the 5th. February it seems very surprising that the team was not going to announced until at most four days before the match.

The galley section displays a fine action photograph of Jean Lawless and the notes with the image give an indication of her playing record. An earlier photograph of Chick Doyle brought some comments regarding his excellent overhead action. I feel that this image will be helpful to lefthanders.

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Dick O’Rafferty


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