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In this issue there is a connection between the Historical item and the Gallery item.

The Gazette article from 1951 gives a good description of a week-end of great Badminton for Irish followers in Belfast and Dublin. Apart from the match results there are a number of other interesting points. There was a presentation made to Major McCallum and it is noteworthy that it was made while a Danish team was visiting Ireland. McCallum was a prime mover in Strollers Badminton Club and it is credited with introducing Badminton to Denmark.

The writer makes a prediction about the potential of Chick Doyle and subsequent events proved him right. Interestingly an action photograph of Doyle in an earlier issue elicited a comment from a current coach that it was a very fine example of how an overhead shot should be played. The terminology in relation to stroke production may be new but the actuality certainly is not. Photography has proved very beneficial in stroke analysis.

The other point of note is the discussion around service action including an apparent lack of knowledge on the part of one top player as to the Law relating to service. Even though the Laws have been changed I have heard similar debate at current Tournaments.

In view of the Gazette article I thought it appropriate to include the photograph of Strollers Badminton Club from 1928. This was taken 23 years before the presentation made in Belfast. The photograph is displayed by kind permission of Leinster Branch

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