The purpose of the Badminton Museum of Ireland is to preserve the great heritage of Irish Badminton and to make the general badminton public aware of it.


For those interested in the history of a sport it is useful to be able to make contact with those of a similar interest. Such a situation arose recently. The European Badminton Union was keen that earlier holders of office should be shown with their given names rather than initials as was common in the 19th. and early 20th. century. Contact was made with a close associate of Badminton Museum of Ireland and much assistance was given.

The historical piece in this issue is a nice recollection of his first All-England Championships written by Sir George Thomas. Written in 1948 he bemoans the fact that the only one he has missed was the first playing of the event. The playing of Singles on the Doubles Court with the back doubles service line acting as the base line was interesting but its restrictiveness was quickly noted and the rule was changed for the following season. The "hour glass" design of the court was also changed. His comments on the quality of the players in the early years is interesting. Whilst some players were of a weak standard he holds many of the top players in high regard and would bear comparison with the then current players. Modern commentators very often argue that players of their own vintage are supreme even though their range of experience is quite narrow.

The Museum is indebted to Jack Lee for the photograph of the 1953 Midland (Leinster) Branch team that played the Northern (Ulster) Branch team in the historic Guild Hall in Derry. A slight mystery surrounds the fact that top player, Frank Peard, is missing from the photograph. You can be sure that it was'nt because his game was still on court!!

I am grateful for supportive comments received through the website and also the offers of further material from a number of sources.

Dick O’Rafferty


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