The purpose of the Badminton Museum of Ireland is to preserve the great heritage of Irish Badminton and to make the general badminton public aware of it.

The Historical Item is a Press Report with a very strong headline. The BUI Secretary quoted here is Audrey Kinkead and her name is incorrectly spelt in the article. The difficulties that faced the Union at that time were obviously frustrating to her. There is no doubt that the Organisation was run on a strictly voluntary basis and undoubtedly put pressure on a small number of people. It is clear that at that time (about 30 years ago) that there were aspirations to have a paid official but financial resources precluded it. Thanks to Government funding the current position is greatly different. It is interesting to note the signs of tension between the Governing Body and its constituent members. It is fair to say that this situation has not really changed. Research into why this is so would be an interesting exercise and lessons could be learned from both sides. She is quite scathing about the International players. There are always likely to be differences of view between high performers and administrators who playing experience is at a lower level.

In the Gallery Section is a photograph of the 1961 Leinster Interprovincial and is being displayed by kind permission of Mary Bryan. This looks like a very strong team with all members, except Stuart Eakin, being full International players. The non-playing captain, Ernie Curtis, has served as President of the Branch. It is possibly true to say that he was better known by the club players for his strict operation for many years of the Dublin and District Leagues.

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